Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund – Damaged Storage Stream

Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund

Granting Structure

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, together with its coalition partners the Abbotsford Community Foundation and University of the Fraser Valley have established the following granting structure for those who suffered damages in a commercial storage facility.  If you’re looking to apply as a part of our Business Owner & Farmer Stream, please click here.


  • To support the immediate and intermediate needs of those who suffered losses as a result of the Abbotsford floods while their contents were stored at an affected licensed commercial storage facility.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Funds are available to individuals or businesses who had belongings stored in at a commercial storage facility at the time of the flood and whose contents sustained irreparable damage as a result of the floodwaters.
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit descriptions of the items lost and an estimate of the value of the lost items.
  • Grant recipients will be required to provide their customer or account number as proof that they were a customer at the time of the floods. You can also submit photos of the stored items were damaged as a result of the Abbotsford flooding.


What is the amount of funding available?

  • Total funds available for distribution is $400,000.
  • Anticipated minimum funding per eligible application of $2,500.00.  Actual amount will be based on the severity of individual loss and the total number of applicants to the grant.
  • Funds available will be distributed on a need basis with approval from the Grants Committee of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.

Process & Timeline

The process for funding decisions aims to strike a balance between a complex set of needs: (a) the need for transparency and openness), (b) the need for a rapid response to new and evolving conditions, and (c) the need for due diligence and accountability.

The application for this funding opportunity opens Thursday, February 15th, 2022, and closes on March 15, 2022.  After March 15, 2022 the Grants Committee of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce will meet to adjudicate and process the applications, and determine allocate the total funds available for distribution to eligible applicants.

All applicants will be notified of either an approval or decline.

Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients may be asked to provide impact stories or an update on their status and progress and how the funding was used to assist in their specific circumstance.

There may be a requirement for additional evaluation reporting. Requirements of this reporting will be shared as soon as possible, and Chamber staff will provide support as appropriate.

Conditions for funding

Applications cannot request funds to cover the same costs of activities for which they have applied for support from another source of funding. The application process will ask organizations to disclose if they are receiving government funding or funding from other sources.

All funding recipients must sign a Funding Declaration that includes the following conditions:

  1. The funds are being used for a business or individual within the disaster area that were adversely affected by the disaster (subject to justifiable restrictions)
  2. Confirmation that loss was suffered with irreparably damaged items at the storage facility.
  3. Applicants are verified customers of a storage facility that was flooded due to the flooding disaster in Abbotsford.
  4. A Final Report/Feedback or Impact Story will be submitted (templates will be provided)
  5. The Chamber’s and Abbotsford Community Disaster Fund support will be acknowledged in all communications pertaining to this funding.

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