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MAY 29, 2021 – Abbotsford, BC – Today concluded the annual BC Chamber of Commerce AGM & Policy Convention which took place virtually May 28 and 29th with delegates and stakeholders from across the province who proposed and debated critical issues impacting business. Economic recovery and restart was top of mind. The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce was pleased to collaborate with fellow Chambers and to have put forth two key issues for advocacy which passed with high support.

The first policy “Focused Support for the Local Tourism and Hospitality Sectors in the Economic Restart” for the particularly devastated industry during the pandemic passed with 100% approval as part of a consent agenda. This signals the strong commitment the business community has to stand behind and re-build tourism in BC. Providing incentives and ensuring ongoing dialogue with tourism businesses and stakeholders was at the heart of the position, in addition, data-informed policy decisions with the BC Chamber’s very own Mind Reader platform, which played a critical role to inform both the provincial and federal governments on business impacts during the pandemic.

The second policy, “BC Lobbying Act 2020 – Implications for Non-Profits, Smaller Organizations & Chamber/Boards of Trade” to alleviate the overly burdensome lobbying and reporting requirements, the most restrictive in Canada, also passed with high support, 98%. This is a win for the non-profit stakeholders, small organizations and chambers that have been active in voicing concerns to the provincial government on this issue. Changes to the recent BC Lobby Act 2020, are paramount to enabling greater capacity and access for organizations and businesses to engage in the democratic process of advocacy and lobbying. In particular, the Abbotsford Chamber is pleased to have worked with the Surrey Board of Trade to elevate the profile of this issue.

“The policy convention was engaging and full of healthy debate. I was pleased to have brought forth our resolutions this year. This truly is a grassroots process voicing the important issues for our members and local business. Congratulations to all the delegates and BC Chamber who will now take these policies forward to the provincial government,” said Katerina Anastasiadis, Executive Director, Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce

The final book of resolutions will be available on the BC Chamber website:


Katerina Anastasiadis
Executive Director
Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce


About the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce:

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce is a leading member-driven organization that improves the effectiveness of doing business. We have over 650 members and are the largest Chamber in the Fraser Valley, located in the 5th largest city in the Province. We are an Accredited Chamber of Commerce, meaning that we are a Chamber that is managed strategically and that our operations reflect national standards of business excellence and best practices.

Membership gives access to a variety of benefits and services and a well-grounded organization with quality business people who are focused on the growth and development of the business community. The Abbotsford Chamber is widely recognized as at the forefront of business advocacy and policy development, acting as a strong voice for its members.

In 2020, the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 107th year of service. Created to promote the interests of businesses in the City of Abbotsford, the Chamber has been an integral part of Abbotsford’s growth and evolution for nearly as long as the city has existed.



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