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Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce hosts BC’s Official Opposition Leader Kevin Falcon for May Leader’s Lunch

Highway 1 Expansion, infrastructure investment for flood mitigation, and holding government accountable for the burdens on small business top the list of issues discussed.

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. — The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce hosted Kevin Falcon, leader of the Official Opposition, for a sold-out Leaders Lunch with Abbotsford’s business community this week.

Guests gathered at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre to hear Falcon’s remarks, as well as engage in a discussion on the key issues affecting the region.

“Every business owner understands that you have to focus on producing results, and you are held accountable when outcomes aren’t met. Government needs to do the same.” said Falcon.  “It has to be about results and we have to hold every level of government accountable to create metrics and achieve them – something that just isn’t happening right now.”

Falcon fielded questions from Chamber CEO Alex Mitchell and audience members on the rising costs of doing business, continued prioritization of the expansion of Highway 1 beyond Whatcom without further delay, and supporting agriculture, especially given its cornerstone role in Abbotsford’s economy.

Falcon spoke directly on the issue of Highway 1 stating, “We’re committed to seeing this Highway widened all the way to Chilliwack. The backlog of goods and people on this roadway is costing us dearly and needs to be prioritized immediately. If we form government, this expansion will happen without delay.”

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Leaders Lunch series brings prominent voices together with Abbotsford’s business community for insightful and non-partisan conversations including keynotes from representatives of every level of government, trailblazers of industry, and local innovators.

The event was sponsored by Reimer Hardwoods and the venue partner was Clarion Hotel and Conference Centre.



About the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce:

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce serves the business community of Abbotsford with an attitude of vibrant engagement and proactive non-partisan advocacy. With over 650 members, it is the largest Chamber in the Fraser Valley, located in the 5th largest city in the province. The Abbotsford Chamber is nationally accredited to meet standards of business excellence and provide benefits to its member organizations.

The Abbotsford Chamber acts as “the voice of business” in Abbotsford and is widely recognized as a leader of business advocacy and policy development with all levels of government.

In 2021, the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 108th year of service. Created to promote the interests of businesses in the City of Abbotsford, the Chamber has been an integral part of Abbotsford’s growth and evolution for nearly as long as the city has existed.

Media enquiries:

Alex Mitchell CEO
Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce 604-446-5061



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