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New Police Chief talks crime updates, key policing initiatives, how to work together with businesses at Abbotsford Chamber Lunch

February 29, 2024, (ABBOTSFORD)– The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, as part of its monthly Leaders Lunch series, hosted Abbotsford’s new Chief Police Constable, Colin Watson in his first address to Abbotsford’s Business Community.

Sponsored by ICBC, the event brought together Abbotsford’s business community, local leaders, and key stakeholders for an engaging conversation on the intersection of law enforcement and small business in reducing crime.

The Chief highlighted a number of the AbbyPD Programs and Initiatives including:

  • MICR: Mobile Integrated Crisis Response Team (Car 87) which pairs mental health nurses with police officers to respond to individuals having a mental health crisis
  • REVOII: Repeat Violent Offending Intervention Initiative which is a partnership between policing agencies, community resources and the government with the goal of targeting and managing repeat violent offenders.
  • Project Spotlight: Utilizing provincial funding to target violent offender areas highlighted through intelligence-led policing
  • Project Agent: Designed to advance safety, security, and property rights of private businesses while supporting individuals to access housing resources
  • CEPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design which brings an AbbyPD crime prevention officer to businesses and residences to conduct an assessment and provide education and crime prevention strategies.

The overarching theme of the presentation was a focus on prevention and building deeper relationships with the business community in order to work together to make Abbotsford a safer city.

About the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce:

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce has served the business community of Abbotsford with an attitude of vibrant engagement and proactive non-partisan advocacy for over 110 years.

With 700 members, it is the largest Chamber in the Fraser Valley, located in the 5th largest city in the province. The Abbotsford Chamber is nationally accredited to meet standards of business excellence and provide benefits to its member organizations.

Media enquiries:
Nathalie Darwin
Communications Manager, Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce



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