Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund – Farmers & Businesses Stream

Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund

Granting Structure

The Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, together with its coalition partners the Abbotsford Community Foundation and University of the Fraser Valley have established the following granting structure for affected farmers and businesses.
Application deadline for Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund is June 16th, 2022.  Apply today by clicking Apply Now below!


Impact Stories

Click HERE to read how the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund has impacted our community.


  • To support the immediate and intermediate needs of those affected in Abbotsford by the floods, such as the farmers/farming operations and local businesses impacted
  • To support the organizations that have assisted the residents of Abbotsford who have been affected by the floods
  • To support the ongoing needs of the aftermath of the flooding

Eligibility Criteria

  • Funds are available to farmers and local businesses (incorporated, partnerships, sole proprietors) with a business number or are a registered business.
  • Funds are available to:
    • Farmers and businesses who been impacted by the Abbotsford flooding disaster.
    • Physical locations include for owned buildings, leased buildings, home based, ranch/farm.
  • Grant recipients will be required to submit proof of damages claimed for funding support i.e. pictures or receipts.
  • Businesses and Farms will have to validate their operations via incorporation or business license documents.
  • Maximum funding per application award of up to $5,000.00


The fund will not cover:

  • Projects that require adherence to a specific faith
  • Initiatives that would result in double recuperation of funds (for example for items or services covered by insurance)
  • Projects with political activities
  • Research projects

The fund will cover the following (non-exhaustive):

  • Damages for actual expenses for businesses and farmers not already covered by other funding sources i.e. insurance or government funding:
  • Housing and buildings not eligible for insurance or government funding.
  • Assistance with rent or lease costs, livestock food and equipment, utilities.
  • Lost revenue from supply chain and transportation issues. Transportation expenses not covered through other funding.  This includes transportation of people, livestock and shipment of necessities to evacuees.
  • Disaster clean up and land remediation/contamination.
  • Related communications/IT.
  • Worksites/work equipment, and related occupational training expenses.

What is the amount of funding available?

Funding amounts will vary depending on amount of funding available as well as the needs of the organization requesting funds.

Funds available will be distributed on a need basis with approval from the Grants Committee of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce.

Process & Timeline

The process for funding decisions aims to strike a balance between a complex set of needs: (a) the need for transparency and openness), (b) the need for a rapid response to new and evolving conditions, and (c) the need for due diligence and accountability.

This is a rolling grant application with decisions being made every two weeks. The application for this funding opportunity opens Wednesday, December 22th, 2021, and closes when available funds have been depleted.

Final call for applications and deadline to apply has now been determined for Thursday, June 16, 2022 midnight PST.

All applicants will be notified of either an approval or decline.

Reporting Requirements

Grant recipients will be asked to provide impact stories or an update on their status and progress and how the funding was used to assist.

There may be a requirement for additional evaluation reporting. Requirements of this reporting will be shared as soon as possible, and Chamber staff will provide support as appropriate.

Conditions for funding

Applications cannot request funds to cover the same costs of activities for which they have applied for support from another source of funding. The application process will ask organizations to disclose if they are receiving government funding or funding from other sources.

All funding recipients must sign a Funding Declaration that includes the following conditions:

  1. The funds are being used for a farming operation or business within the disaster area that were adversely affected by the disaster (subject to justifiable restrictions)
  2. the small business or farm does not otherwise have the skills or resources from their own assets, conventional financing or insurance to recover, or is unable to pay insurance deductibles
  3. the funds must be needed to make it possible for the small businesses to resume operating in the affected area
  4. the funds must be used for expenses directly related to the businesses resuming operations within, and providing goods, services and employment to residents of, the affected area
  5. As a general rule, most of the goods and services should be provided to, and used within, the affected  area
  6. There is a reasonable prospect of the businesses being restored by the funds provided, either alone or when combined with funds from other sources
  7. A Final Report/Feedback or Impact Story will be submitted (templates will be provided)
  8. The Chamber’s and Abbotsford Community Disaster Fund support will be acknowledged in all communications pertaining to this funding.

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